Suffer With…
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Welcome to week 3 of our series on virtues. I wanted to take this week to look at the virtue of compassion. Compassion simply put is to “suffer with”, it is a call to action. Our modern day view of … Read More

Honor in a Dishonorable Time
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Welcome back to Part Two of our series on virtues. Coming on the heels of a crazy election, I think this topic couldn’t be more timely. This week, we look at some elements to help us achieve honor in our … Read More

Seek Discipline,Find Freedom
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Thanks for joining us this week! It’s officially Movember and we will be starting a new blog series on virtues that I found particularly helpful in developing better life skills. These virtues apply to everyone, but can be especially helpful … Read More

Never Give up the Ship Part:4 Navigational Tools
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The last three weeks have been heavy for our family. Writing such difficult subject matter and exposing ourselves isn’t easy or comfortable. We chose to pull back the curtain on one of our darkest times for all to see. Our … Read More

Never Give Up the Ship: Prt:3 Hold fast
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We all know somebody…who knows somebody…that was caught completely off guard by a loved one committing suicideor finding out that the one they loved the most was in the midst of a deep, dark depression. “I just don’t understand,” they’ll … Read More

Never Give Up the Ship Part 2: Mending the tattered sails
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As I stood at the helm assessing the damage and trying to develop a plan to begin repairs, I concluded just how broken my ship had become after years of forging on while making only the most minimal of repairs. … Read More

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